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Our Mission: To ease the financial burden of infertility treatment

Since our inception in 2017, we have given out 28 grants for a total of over $135,000 to date!

There’s been some major heartache for our recipients but also many joys! 12 families have 14 babies in their arms who may not have been born without the help of the FFFS and the generosity of our community.

We have many more babies on the way. It’s your continued support that helps us do this amazing, life changing work.


Meet Our Wish Babies

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Court and Chris

I remember clearly the time where I wondered if I’d ever get to make my husband a dad. I wanted to be a mom too but I NEEDED to make my husband a father. He was literally meant to be a dad. So struggling through infertility, surrogacy and loss made me wonder if we would ever be parents. Leaving the hospital empty armed after the stillbirth of our daughter Josie made it even harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

All the years of struggling and grief were for these moments with my son. He was the reason we kept going, the person we fought for when the fight felt too much. Though the road can be long, the tears of overwhelming joy the moment John touched my chest made the journey to a him a little less painful and a lot more meaningful. THIS was the baby we got to bring home with us.


Oct 29, 2021

6lb 14oz


FFF Purple wblack.png

Barb and Dino

Trying to conceive can be heart-wrenching and does take a huge emotional toll but it’s best to try to remember that, unfortunately, we don’t have much control over our circumstances. We do, however, have control over how we cope with the challenges of trying to get pregnant. The first and foremost form of control that I can advise is to never give up because the difficult journey will all be worth it when you’re holding your new baby in your arms, whether it takes 1 year, five years or more.


Sept 12, 2021

7lbs 11oz


FFF Purple wblack.png

Russ and Leslie

We’d like to thank the Family Fertility Fund for all of their help and to share a bit of our story: After years of no luck, bad luck, near misses, crushing news and everything other thing that comes with fertility issues we were starting to feel like there wasn’t anything else we could do. After a lot of thinking and a long conversation we decided that even though we didn’t know how we could afford it, we needed to try to have a baby biologically. As we saved and planned, we tried to remain open with friends, family and others around us about what we were going through in hopes of both changing the stigma of fertility issues and finding support in our social circle. While we did find an overwhelming amount of support, the inaccurate but very real feeling that we were alone in our journey never completely went away. During this time we reached out to the FFFS in hopes that they may might be able to help us. As we learned a bit about the organization we read their stories and noticed some of them sounded a lot like ours. These were people going that knew what we were going through and were doing what they could to help. We shared our story with them and, much to our surprise, they chose us as a grant recipient. This grant helped us to make our little miracle baby happen but above all that, it helped us feel that there were people actively listening and rooting us (and others just like us) on. They reminded us that we needed to keep moving forward and offered us the help to do so. For that, we are forever grateful and can’t thank them enough!


August, 20, 2020

9lb 3oz


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