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How To Apply

We suggest creating an account so you don't lose any information and also to ensure you can give yourself time to work on this. It isn't easy reliving hard times so it's nice to be able to work on it, save and come back again later.

“We’ve changed our grant months to better serve our community and our volunteers. Henceforth, our grant windows will be January, May and September! Grants will be awarded the following month after each application month.”

How It Works:


Our application process is ever evolving to maximize efficiency, fairness and our criterion. Please note our new process:


The application is now available year round however we will only accept submissions within the windows of Jan 1-31, May 1-31 and September 1-31. We then release funds to your clinic by the last day of the following month (February, June and October).


The application is now shorter and in a two part process. We require basic medical and financial information to ensure eligibility and criterion is met. Those applicants are then shortlisted based on a grading system compiled by the Board.


If shortlisted, the applicants will receive a second application to complete. This application is more invasive and detailed. It will require 6 months of all bank statements and credit card statements plus the previous years T4 tax statement or equivalent. 

Using the same criterion from the first round, we will then select a couple/individual who best meets the criteria for funding. 


Eligibility Criteria:

1. Applicants must be residents of Saskatchewan.

2. Applicants must either have a diagnosis of infertility from a medical professional or a specialized need for fertility treatments (ie. same sex couples).

3. Applicant age limit for women is 44. 

4. Applicant age limit for men is 50.

5. Applicants must prove financial need. While there isn’t a salary cap, please note we evaluate your income, debts, assets and spending habits

6. Applicants must be able to pay for the remainder of their treatment. 

7. Applicants may reapply as many times as they want but recipients are only eligible for one grant per lifetime.

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