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Infertility is a relentless beast. It takes over your mind, your body, your soul. Your emotions are a roller coaster and your body becomes this foreign entity you can’t recognize after a while. You’re poked and prodded, tested and re-tested to determine your diagnosis and treatment plans. The medications affect all aspects of your life. Your desire to have a baby becomes all-consuming. It is heart wrenching and painful, month after month, year after year.

We wish we were being dramatic but the truth is, it is one of the worst experiences for people, both for individuals wishing to conceive as well as for couples. Marriages are strained and finances are compromised. Reproductive technology is

expensive. Many couples are floored finding out they need to spend $10,000+ to have a baby; a financial gamble that’s not

guaranteed to end with a baby in their arms.


Almost every dollar we raise goes to our families. It’s vital that your money is allocated exactly where it needs to go so we can help the many families that reach out to us.

It’s been an absolute honor and miracle to watch the twins grow within our recipient and we couldn’t have had a better outcome for our first grant. It’s what we pray for every time we award one. While we facilitate the application process and marketing the FFFS, it’s YOUR financial contribution that funds the treatments that actually create Life. Many babies later and it still just as special to be a part of this.

On top of fundraising, we’ve also opened up the fertility community to workshops, walks, events and the hard conversations. Friendships have been formed. Tears have been shed. Hugs have been held.

We want you to be a part of this. We want you in the discussion. We want you to join our community and support your loved ones struggling. We need you to understand the journey so you feel called to donate to this special cause. The FFFS is a revolutionary charity in Canada and we can only grow and fund more families with your help.


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